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Bluetooth 2.5 mm Microphone fits Pioneer Handsfree Car Stereo

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Product Description

Mobilistics™ 2.5 mm Bluetooth Replacement Microphone for Select Pioneer Car Audio Systems.
Fits All PIONEER Car Stereo, DVD or GPS models equipped with external mic input for Hands Free driving.

Self-Adhesive backing sticker to mount on or under dash, A pillar, trim or glass.
Cable Length 11 ft 3 inches.
Self-Adhesive Base 1 1/4" x 5/8" oval.

Mic Height 3/4".
Quality 2.5mm plug with Strain Relief.
Hi Sensitivity - forward and rear bilateral sound pick up for accurate anti-noise transmission.

Strong textured ABS housing.
One year warranty.
Fits AVH*, AVIC*, DEH*, FH*, FX*,MVH, CD* models equipped with mic input.

Fits the Following Models:
AVH-200BT, AVH-270BT, AVH-271BT, AVH-280BT, AVH-4000NEX, AVH-4100NEX, AVH-P2400BT, AVH-P3200BT, AVH-P3300BT, AVH-P3400BH, AVH-P4400BH, AVH-P5200BT, AVH-P6300BT, AVH-P8400BH, AVH-X2500BT, AVH-X2600BT, AVH-X2700BS, AVH-X2800BS, AVH-X3500BHS, AVH-X3600BHS, AVH-X3700BHS, AVH-X3800BHS, AVH-X4500BT, AVH-X4550BT, AVH-X4580DVD, AVH-X4600BT, AVH-X4700BS, AVH-X4800BS, AVH-X5500BHS, AVH-X5600BHS, AVH-X5700BHS, AVH-X5800BHS, AVH-X6600BS, AVH-X7700BT, AVH-X7800BT, AVH-X8600BT, AVH-X8610BS, AVH-X8700BT, AVIC-4000NEX, AVIC-5000NEX, AVIC-5100NEX, AVIC-6000NEX, AVIC-6100NEX, AVIC-7000NEX, AVIC-7100NEX, AVIC-8000NEX, AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-HD3, AVIC-F700, AVIC-F90BT, AVIC-F900BT, AVIC-F7010BT, AVIC-F500BT. AVIC-P2400BT, AVIC-P3200BT, AVIC-P4400BH, AVIC-P5200BT, AVIC-P6300BT, AVIC-P8400BH, AVIC-U310BT, AVIC-X910BT, AVIC-X9115BT, AVIC-X910BT, AVIC-X920BT, AVIC-X930BT, AVIC-X9310BT, AVIC-X940BT, AVIC-X950BT, AVIC-X710BT, AVIC-X7115BT, AVIC-X7500BT, AVIC-X850BT, AVIC-X8500BHS, AVIC-X8510BT, AVIC-X8610BS, AVIC-X910BT, AVIC-X9115BT, AVIC-Z1, AVIC-Z2, AVIC-Z3, AVIC-Z110BT, AVIC-Z120BT, AVIC-Z130BT, AVIC-Z140BH, AVIC-Z150BH, CD-BTB100, CD-BTB200, CD-VC1, CD-VM1, DEH-4500BT, DEH-5400BT, DEH-64BT, DEH-6400BT, DEH-73BT, DEH-7300BT, DEH-80PRS, DEH-F10BT, DEH-P610BT, DEH-P6100BT, DEH-P6200BT, DEH-P700BT, DEH-P7000BT, DEH-P790BT, DEH-P7900BT, DEH-P8400BH, DEH-P9400BH, DEH-X4600BT, DEH-X4700BT, DEH-X4810BT, DEH-X4800BT, DEH-X5700BT, DEH-X65BT, DEH-X6500BT, DEH-X66BT, DEH-X6600BT, DEH-X6700BS, DEH-X6700BT, DEH-X6710BT, DEH-X6800BT, DEH-X6810BT, DEH-X8500BH, DEH-X8500BS, DEH-X8600BH, DEH-X8600BS, DEH-X8700BH, DEH-X8700BS, DEH-X9500BHS, DEH-X9600BHS, DEH-X9600BT, DTX-736BT, FH-P800BT, FH-P8000BT, FH-X70BT, FH-X700BT, FH-X720BT, FH-X721BT, FH-X820BS, MVH-P8200BT, MVH-P8300BT, MVH-X36BT, MVH-X360BT, MVH-X370BT, MVH-X380BT, MVH-X381BT, MVH-X560BT, MVH-X570BT, MVH-X380BT, MXT-X366BT, SPH-DA01, SPH-DA02, SPH-DA100, SPH-DA110, SPH-DA120, SPH-DA210.

Warranty Information

One Year Warranty

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